Kings of Kicksmas

August 9, 2017 12:46 am

Kings of Kicksmas is a campaign that Foot Locker creates each year to celebrate the Christmas/holiday period in their own unique way. This year they wanted to do something that related to the urban culture of the brand while using a popular influencer.

SOFLES & DRAPL are two influential graffiti artists from Brisbane with 250K + followers between them on multiple social platforms.

We wanted to create something unique and sharable that also celebrated the shoes and the blank canvas that is their box.

With a limited planning time of two weeks, we were able to build 300 shoe boxes, secure Jugglers Art Space in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley and begin filming. The event was live streamed over Facebook with the final video shared across Foot Locker’s AUS and NZ social pages.

Foot Locker and their fans were exteremely happy with the results. The campaign generated alot of conversation on social media and help cement Foot Locker’s position as the Kings of Kicksmas!

FB Live pt. 1

FB Live pt. 2

The Final Video